• Ph. D., Materials Science
    (Polymer & Corrosion specialty)
    Lehigh University, Bethlehem, PA
  • M. S., Physics
    Kent State University, Kent, OH
  • Seven M.B.A. courses
    Kent State University, Kent, OH
  • B.S., Engineering
    (Chemical specialty)
    Widener University, Chester, PA


  • WO/2007/050324Patent pending - Compatibilizers for PVC-Wood Composites
  • U.S. Pat. #3,559,662Method and Valve Apparatus for Metering Flow of Liquid Metal
  • U.S. Pat. #4,470,897 Electroplated Product and Method
  • U.S. Pat. #5,562,833Dual Feed Paint Detackification Program
  • U.S. Pat. #5,614,103Methods for Detackifying Paint Spray Booth Water
  • U.S. Pat. #5,354,494 - Reactive Silane Composition and Process for Enhanced Drainage of Residual Aqueous Rinse on the External Surfaces of Plastic Parts 
  • U.S.Pat. #5,719,224 - Compositions and Methods for Detackifying Paint Spray Booth Water 
  • U.S. Pat #8,664,298 – Self-Healing Polymer Nanocomposite Coatings for Use on Surfaces Made of Wood 


  • Packaging Institute International Annual Educational Award – best paper.
  • National Association of Corrosion Engineers Romanoff Award – best paper published in Corrosion Journal.
  • Chosen to participate in the Industrial Research Institute Visiting Scientist Program.
  • National Coil Coating Association Technical Section Certificate of Appreciation.
  • Dozens of U.S. and foreign patents


Written comments from lead attorneys with whom I’ve served as an expert witness (names redacted to protect client confidentiality):

Plastics litigation (8/3/2015)

“Bob.  You’ve got a very unique and in-demand set of skills.  We’re glad we found you!”

Metal coating corrosion litigation (10/9/2015)

“Thanks Bob – the world is a safer place for your analysis of it.”

Plastics process litigation (4/28/2015)

“Thanks for all your help.  You were terrific.”

Painted aluminum corrosion litigation (1/6/2015)

“We were grateful for your highly capable assistance in our last adventure, and enjoyed working with you.”

Plastics litigation (12/18/2014)

“Fantastic report.”

Corrosion litigation (10/28/2014)

“Will keep you posted, but it looks like your report was enough to get this resolved.”

Li-ion battery litigation (10/2/2014)

“Thank you for your revised declaration. Your revision is great.”

Plastic-metal laminate litigation (12/3/2013)

“Thank you for all your hard work, especially over Thanksgiving weekend.”

Painted metal corrosion (11/26/2013)

“Bob, thank you so much for your excellent work and support on this case – it ended abruptly, if happily, but I want you to know that we greatly valued your contributions and good humor.”

Coil-coated metal litigation (7/23/2013) –

“Bob, let’s talk soon, but it has been a pleasure working together on this case.  You were a tremendous asset to our team!”;

and (7/22/2013)

“Good news! [Company name redacted]’s summary judgment was granted, and it has been dismissed from the case.  In no small part because of your good work.”


Recent Verbal Comments from attorneys, etc.

Lead attorneys:

  • "Fantastic report"
  • "Not only very good work, but can explain it well – unique for a scientist.”
  • “Hard to find good scientists like you. Fantastic work.”
  • “Very convincing report.”
  • “Perfect.  Articulate testimony. Comprehensive and concise report.”

Company CEO “All were impressed with your credentials, and I informed them, if they didn’t know already, that you are very well known and highly thought-of in the industry.”

Technical book editor “You are the consummate professional.”

Lead engineer at major global oil company “Excellent report.”

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